New Badalona City Council website

The Badalona began in 2009 a project for a new municipal web site ( with the following objectives:

  • Having a web channel that allows better communication with the public.
  • Deploying eGovernment to offer 7×24 services and reduce costs
  • Improving democratic quality through eGovernment and transparency initiatives
  • Start sharing data of public services, trought an OpenData portal

The project took the following steps:

  • Design and organization of content
  • Technical implementation of the portal. For this, we acquired the Oracle middleware platform, that allowed the City to have first-class tools to develop project.
  • Load content (more than 1.500 pages)

The project duration was 1 year and a half between the phases, and the new portal was launched on 11-1-11. The new portal had a good acceptance from the first day  among citizens, tripling the number of visits. The result was more than 2 milion web pages served in their first year of life.

It was very important the introduction of on-line tools for administrative procedures, as a way to achieve self-7×24 service for major interactions between citizens and the City Council. The first procedure were available was the certificate of residence, which reached 4% in the portal in the first 3 months (120 per month), or consultation and duplicate receipts of taxes. Thus, they offer Internet transactions such as enrollment in the popular race (3000 registered by the web), or pre-registration for summer sports campus (more than 1000). All of these procedures with a digital certificate, which ensures legal validity, and all procedures at the highest level, ie, fully electronic transactions from beginning to end.

Technically, the project is based on the tools Oracle WebLogic Portal and Oracle UCM (CMS) mainly.

One of the biggest challenges was the involvement of different departments in the project, defining the content. The easy way of contribution that have the Oracle UCM tool was important to able a large number of municipal officials to contribute content at the portal .

The new portal is divided into 5 main parts:
• News – news, calendar
• Electronic Council – message board, contracting announces, on-line procedures
• Open Government – a space dedicated to the improvement of administrative transparency
• Thematic Channels – different themed areas dedicated to the city
• City Guide – more than 3,000 facilities and services

The new website was in various news media, which echoed its implementation

The project is considered a success story by Oracle, which has been published as a case of good practice in the use of its products.