Open Data

The Badalona City Council, thanks to its new IT platform, has been launched an Open Data initiative that is a reference at the Catalan and Spanish region. The project is considered a success by the level of use of services in the first year of operation, with more than 20,000 service calls, in OpenData protocols (xml, kml, etc. ..), and more than 200,000 RSS.







The highlights of the project are:

  • The information provided not was just a list of equipment, or administrative divisions, but about the management of public services, to be able to evaluate its effectiveness using the offered data. At this point, the site of the City is a pioneer in Spain, following the way of USA portals.
  • The formats in which information is made available are easy to use, allowing everyone to access the query data. Priority is given to these common formats over the highly sophisticated and useful tools attached manuals or videos that demonstrate how to facilitate use.
  • We collaborate with developers and digital content distribution companies to promote the effective use of information. The goal is to open the data size does not remain purely aesthetic, but get a real use of the services.
On 11/1/11 he launched the new municipal web site, with the first version of OpenData portal. The initial evaluation of the referencers (Fundación CTIC Project provides, specialized blogs) at sector has been quite positive. The site has an attractive design, and has received more than 25,000 visits in its first year.

Another possitive recognition was being included in the list of Web sites OpenData USA.GOV as one of only four sites in Spain with these features.

The services were launched:

  • Operation of public services – police, maintenance of public roads (streets, lighting, signage, street furniture, etc. ..), maintenance of the environment.
  • Administrative division of the city
  • List of equipment
  • City Diary

The project is reffered in different media in Spain, including the news channel of Television of Catalonia, the most important media at the region. English version are not available.