Participation in conference about cloud computing on Barcelona eShow 2013

Last 13 march we have participated in the panel discussion on cloud computing at the 5th edition of eShow Barcelona.

Here we have discussed about different practical experiences in the use of cloud computing, and specifically on the case of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Catalonia Government will expend 35% less for data center services thanks to cloud computing

The competitive bidding process for defining the new model for the IT infrastructure of the Government is finalized, and the winners are announced. The official press release is available from the Generalitat de Catalonia (Catalan version only):

The objective of the process was to acquire a complete infrastructure for the computing services of the government, including application servers, databases, disk space, etc.

The Catalan Government is the largest consumer of computing systems in the region, and owns the largest data center infrastructure in Catalonia, currently composed of more than 4,000 servers that run more than 1,800 programs of all kinds.

The final solution led to the division of the services into two groups;

  • External CPD, that contains systems that can be executed on different types of cloud computing services. These systems are non-critical and can be hosted even on third-party servers.
  • Core CPD services that will be hosted in government premises for security reasons.

Before the completion of this project, infrastructure was spread in over 40 datacenters, located all over Catalonia mainly in office buildings. We have managed to concentrate the service in only 6 datacenters, each of them hosting specific equipment to suite the applications that will be hosted and allowing different security levels (TIER 3 or more). This improves significantly the system reliability.
The first block (External CPD) is divided into 4 parts, to avoid the risks of concentrating all systems in a single point. The following companies have won contracts for External CPD:


As a result, 3 new international cloud computing nodes will be installed in Catalonia, and Government will occupy only 25% of their capacity, leaving the rest for local companies or for the international market. Carles Flamerich, director of Telecommunications and Information Society of Catalonia, stated that this will put Catalonia in one of the leading positions in cloud computing in Southern Europe.

The constracts with suppliers are awarded for periods from 6 to 10 years with a total budget of 397M€, leading to the maximum annual cost of 45M€. In comparison with the costs in 2010, this is a 35% reduction.

As a conclusion, the goals of the project are completely fulfilled:

  • Reduction of cost (by 35%)
  • Consolidation and modernization of the infrastructure (migration to cloud computing)
  • Industrial development of the region, creating new jobs and new infrastructures.