Open Data Project of Badalona City Council

The Badalona City Council has launched an opendata initiative that in its release incorporates data on the functioning of public services (including police), administrative division, city equipments, official bulletin board and agenda of the city.

Report at channel 3cat24 of TV3

This initiative complements his OpenGov site (Gobern Open), which additionally provided data on the municipal budget, urban planning, or the election results.

Thus, the citizens, based on their knowledge of IT, can access the information through the portal OpenGov or download data via the portal OpenData.

The initiative is being valued by OpenData major observatories in Spain, and the project has been in the catalogs of available services provides the Ministry of Public Administrations, and the OpenData map of CTIC Foundation.


Fundación CTIC (Center of Information and Communication Technology) has joined the initiative in its OpenData map (18 councils worldwide, 4 of them in Spain).


In the same way, the Ministry of Public Administrations has joined the Council in its catalog of initiatives, into his Proyecto Aporta website:


For more information about the Badalona OpenData project, visit: