Open Data Project of Badalona City Council

The Badalona City Council has launched an opendata initiative that in its release incorporates data on the functioning of public services (including police), administrative division, city equipments, official bulletin board and agenda of the city.

Report at channel 3cat24 of TV3

This initiative complements his OpenGov site (Gobern Open), which additionally provided data on the municipal budget, urban planning, or the election results.

Thus, the citizens, based on their knowledge of IT, can access the information through the portal OpenGov or download data via the portal OpenData.

The initiative is being valued by OpenData major observatories in Spain, and the project has been in the catalogs of available services provides the Ministry of Public Administrations, and the OpenData map of CTIC Foundation.


Fundación CTIC (Center of Information and Communication Technology) has joined the initiative in its OpenData map (18 councils worldwide, 4 of them in Spain).


In the same way, the Ministry of Public Administrations has joined the Council in its catalog of initiatives, into his Proyecto Aporta website:


For more information about the Badalona OpenData project, visit:

The new website of the Badalona City Council multiplied by three the visits in its first month

The new website of the Municipal Badalona is having a very good acceptance among the citizens in this first month of operation.

On Tuesday we take stock of this first month at Radio City Badalona, please find attached the podcast (5 minutes).

The first month of Badalona City Council new website at Radio Ciutat de Badalona

Tripled the audience of a website, when we speak of thousands of hits a day, not an easy task. I think we should be very proud of the results. More than 64,000 visitors (45,000 unique visitors) and 225,000 pages served the first month, compared to 20,000 visits in the same period last year.

We can say that this growth is not a specific situation, associated with the effect the first day of curiosity or because of an advertising campaign, but that was consolidating. One month after the launch we are holding this level, and already getting 30% of visits concurrent, percentage growth, indicating that we were the level of acceptance among the citizens of this new tool. You can download the report from the visits to press release published by the Council.

Now, once people got to know this new channel, it is now time to promote it not only as a communication tool but also as a form of interaction between citizens and administration. The goal now is to evolve towards e-government, to give better service.

In this, citizens are already a catalog of 220 fully documented procedures and forms on the Internet (7,000 page views of steps in the first month), of which 25 can be as fully on-line, always with a digital certificate .

This is the course we have now overcome, the implementation of the digital certificate. We are already working on it some time, as explained in another post about how we are doing bringing e-government to citizens. This is the challenge of the future.

Badalona integrates with Twitter the state of beaches information system

Badalona City Council launched today its new of the state of the beaches information system via Twitter.

Badalona beaches are public spaces used by most citizens, not just the city but also from other nearby towns, reaching more than 1.5 million visitors during the bathing season.

The novelty is the integration of the city council systems with Twitter. The staff of the beaches (lifeguards), responsible for determining the flag (green, yellow, red) indicates that the conditions of a bathroom, is equipped with a PC Internet connection on the beach.

Through the PC, the lifeguards update any change of flag, temperature, sea conditions, etc. .. directly on municipal systems, through a VPN connection to the network of the City Council.

The system of the Municipality, in addition to posting the information on your website (link to state beaches) automatically composes a tweet with this data, and using a public Twitter account managed by the City PlatgesBadalona http:/ / / PlatgesBadalona

To use Easy · litar, the tweets from various beaches are marked with a label (# hashtag) specific for each beach

# BDN_Platja_DelCristall

# BDN_Platja_DelsPescadors

(See the rest PlatgesBadalona Twitter account)

This enables users who only wish to follow one beach news, they can do. However this may facilitate the generation of a communication between the users and between users and the City Council, which sought to launch a 2.0 dynamic on this space.


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