Award of telecommunications competitive dialogue of the Government of Catalonia

Continuing the process for awarding competitive 4 dialogues that make the new model of Government ICT, yesterday he had the turn of the dialogue of telecommunications.

The competition had a maximum of € 634 million, and includes in it in most types of telecommunications used by the Government. The award periods are variable, highlighting the 10-year contract for connectivity, that wich should connect with FO most of Government sites.

In this award should be noted the reduction achieved in services such as mobile or fixed, but the main contribution is that the Director General of Telecommunications and Information Society, Carles Flamerich has described as the country network.

The new connectivity contract includes, in addition to the provision of services with FO for the Government, the advent of fiber optic services to 80% of the municipalities of Catalonia.

This will allow that in these municipalities all carrier interested in providing services may use the network of the contractor (in this case, Telefonica) at a regulated price in order to provide telecommunications services to its customers.

Thus, if an operator is interested in providing fiber optic services to its customers in a municipality, may use the backbone of Telefonica to connect the client to the Internet, or their backbone.

The estimation of fiber optic network will be extended through this project will be more than 80,000 kilometers, which will generate jobs in Catalonia, very good news at this time of crisis in the sector.