Improvements in the system of collecting taxes in Badalona thanks to the new SAP system

Today I received my receipt at home road tax. One of 108,000 who’ve sent this past week.

What is special about this bill? Well, as thousands of people who have changed address Badalona in recent months, the bill has come to my new home, not the former.

When people change their home, the more they change their normal population census data, to obtain documents to enable them to change their primary care center, or have their ID cards with address correct.

Very few people make these changes also the home of your receipts. The result is that, until now, the bills are still sent to the address above, generating large number of fails simply because the bill did not reach the person.

With the introduction of the new SAP system of tax management, we made ​​an alignment of the data of individuals in the two systems (census and taxes), making it easier for citizens to manage your taxes.

It is a breakthrough, providing citizens not having to go repeatedly to the City Council to change the data. An improvement in the line to make it easier relationship with the municipal administration.