New Catalonian Government website against urban violence

This is a week of launch of new portals at the Government. After the publication of new websites and the President of the Government, now inaugurated a new website that will certainly be debated. This is the portal against urban violence, a site that aims to open the way for collaboration between the Catalan police and the population in order to facilitate the identification of persons involved in acts of vandalism at the street.

This site published photos and videos of people who have participated in riots, and through a form that invites people in a completely safe way to help identify people involved in this type of action.

I think it is a good initiative. We agree or not with the actions of a government, but never this kind of behavior are justifiable. And that people who are against these ways of acting can collaborate with the police to put a stop to these situations, I think is positive. Sum.

In any case, an innovative initiative. I work for the people of Operations and Security, to protect this site. For, the same as governments do not attack the sites that people want have their say, is not acceptable attempting to attack the channels of communication from the Government. Because this is not democratic.

New Government of Catalonia website

Today came into operation a new Web portal , whose function as a communication tool of government action.
More information about the de Generalitat Government website

Attitude makes the difference

Seeing this video brings many emotions.

l’equip petit from el cangrejo on Vimeo.

Anybody can interpret it in his own way.

  • We need to fight our limitations, and our rivals help us to make ourselfs better. In the entire video you don´t see an aggressive attitide towards the rivals.
  • To understand our weaknesses and to accept the results without frustration is the way to overcome them.
  • The satisfaction is a personal thing, and can´t be judged by others. Some people laugh at the fact that the team took 217 goals and scored only 1. However, their joy for their one goal scored is exultant.

Unfortunately, thinking like this is not common, and we see many counterexamples each day.