About me

IT professional with 22 years of experience in top level companies and organizations in Spain (10 at private sector and 12 at public), 15 of them in positions of responsibility with personal in charge.

In the private sector, two years working as Director of IT Infrastructure in Caprabo (4th retail company in Spain) where technology is critical. In this position, I led projects such as the outsourcing of services to stores (more than 62,000 cases annually), the introduction of new handheld terminals (3,000), or projects for the improvement of the data center infrastructure (transfer to a housing location, virtualization of Windows servers, or storage consolidation).

Also In the private sector, I participated in the process of Spanish overture of telecommunications maket, since the start of the process working at the second telecom operator (Retevisión). There, I developed various positions of responsibility, including the management of the technical rooms of all the company (more than 70 across Spain). Highest marks in performance reviews, I was awarded a grant for studies at IESE Business School.

In the public sector, I have developed positions of responsibility at some of the main catalan institutions, the Generalitat (regional government), Barcelona City Council and the Badalona City Council (3rt city of Catalonia and 15ht in Spain). In Badalona, as Head of IT, I have led the process of migrating to electronic administration and the implementation of the management of taxes with SAP, getting the first successful installation of this system. In the Government of Catalonia have led the process of outsourcing data center of the Government in a bid to project a budget of 400 million € outsourcing companies working with top players such as IBM, HP and T-Systems.

In all these areas, I have been care of highly critical systems. Logistic platforms, eCommerce (Capraboacasa.com), hospitals, emergency services, police systems, call centers of telecom operators , etc

In terms of training, I combine career with technical training in telecommunications engineering, and master’s and postgraduate programs. Able to communicate in different levels in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian.

As remarkable personal characteristics, ability to manage teams of people making changes in the attitudes of leading complex negotiations outsourcing projects, and work in constantly changing environments.